From 1990, when the company was established we carry out the works as follows:

1. building the sewage systems as: rain drain, sanitary sewage and sewage main using opencast and microtunneling methods,

2. building the water systems in technology of steel, cast iron and polyethylene pipes,

3. building heating systems in traditional technology and as well preinsulated pipes produced by FINPOL ROHR, LOGSTOR ROR, PRIM Lublin, ALSTOM Elbląg,

4. installation of the thermal centres,

5. installation of the equipment in hydrophore chambers and water treatment plant,

6. assembling of the steel constructions,

7. repairing the industrial boilers - we have the authorization issued by Polish Office of Technical Supervision,

8. cementing of the water pipes of steel and cast iron.

If it's required we could prepare the technical design of the territorial development of the pipelines.